6Acres embodies contemporary Northwest architecture through its reverence for its surroundings, embrace of naturally elegant materials, and clean structural expression. Situated on an extraordinary estate with several existing traditional-style buildings, including an adjoining pool house, the home was designed to extend the contact between living space and landscape through transparency and erosion of mass. The building itself has a low, horizontal profile, punctuated by concrete chimneys that introduce verticality without dominating the airspace. An enclosed entry courtyard creates a sense of mystery and a meditative interstitial space, while further in, a repetition of vistas reveal the topography of the site and its abundance of earth and sky. An architectonic water feature on one level spills into an organic feature below, calling back to the natural beauty of the site.


location: Washington
contractor: Toth Construction
interiors: Gregory Carmichael Interior Design
renderings: 3DQ

Kor Architects 6Acres project
Kor Architects 6Acres project
Kor Architects 6Acres project


palm desert

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